Proxima 4 Commercialisation Strategy Update

Cambridge, UK, 17 August 2015: Sphere Medical Holding plc (AIM: SPHR.L), (“Sphere Medical” or the “Company”) a leading provider of innovative monitoring and diagnostic devices for the critical care setting, announced today that it has retained all commercialisation rights to Proxima 4 and is free to enter into discussions with other interested partners, following a decision by Ortho Clinical Diagnostics not to exercise its option to enter into negotiations to acquire exclusive global commercialisation rights for Proxima 4.  Sphere Medical entered into the collaboration agreement with Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, a manufacturer of in vitro diagnostic products, in 2013 for the development of Proxima 4. In 2014, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics was purchased by The Carlyle Group.

The Company will continue with the finalisation of the submission process for the CE-marking for the Proxima 4 device whilst it further develops strategies for commercialisation. Proxima 4 will be Sphere Medical’s second commercial iteration of the system, incorporating glucose and sodium analysis within the sensor panel and adding connectivity to hospital information systems.

Dr. Wolfgang Rencken, Chief Executive Officer of Sphere, said: "Whilst Ortho Clinical Diagnostics focusses on its core business and has chosen not to pursue distribution of Proxima 4, Sphere is now free to explore commercial agreements with other interested parties. We look forward to engaging with parties who are well placed to sell into the attractive, global critical care market.”