Number of shares:

Sphere Medical has 141,757,872 Ordinary Shares of nominal value £0.01 each in issue.

The number of Ordinary Shares that are considered not to be in public hands represents 48.0% of the issued share capital at 4 May 2017.

Number of options:

The number of options over Ordinary Shares held under Sphere Medical's Share Option Schemes is 11,927,246 as at 31 March 2017.

Number of warrants:

The number of Ordinary Shares which fall to be issued on the exercise of Warrants is 4,981,804 which represents 3.5% of the issued share capital as at 10 May 2017.  Save as disclosed above there are no shares or other securities convertible into Ordinary Shares or giving the right to subscribe for Ordinary Shares.


As at 4 September 2017 shareholders with a shareholding, directly or indirectly, of 3% or more of the issued share capital of the company are:

Fund Shares Percent
Woodford Investment Management LLP 42,526,575 29.99%
The Wales Life Sciences Investment Fund LLP 25,000,000 17.6%
LSP Life Sciences Fund 8,854,656 6.2%
Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics 8,141,250 5.7%
Winterflood Securities 7,296,508 5.1%