Trend Graphs

Proxima supports rapid clinical decision making in critical care with on-screen results

Trend graphs on a blood gas analyser

When managing critically ill patients, the trends in blood test results are crucial. Trend Graphs for respiratory and metabolic analytes (including glucose) are now shown on Proxima’s monitor. 

While the individual result is helpful to understand the condition of the patient at a particular point in time, the results trend allows care staff to understand the patient progress, whether they are deteriorating or recovering or whether a therapeutic intervention is having the required effect. For example, following ventilator weaning or during glycaemic control.

As a patient-connected acute respiratory and metabolic monitoring system. Proxima displays graphs of up to three different analytes simultaneously. Each chart shows normal physiological ranges for the analyte. Giving an instant assessment of patient condition over time. The trend can be view over a period from two hours up to a 48 hour interval.

Seven pre-configured trend panels are available at the touch of the bedside screen. Relating to specific clinical conditions, such as respiratory failure and glycaemic control. Patient results can be viewed in a graphical format. These are presented as the following panels:

  • Respiratory 1: pH, pCO2, pO2
  • Respiratory 2: BE, HCO3-
  • Respiratory 3: pO2, pO2/FiO2 ratio
  • Glucose: Glu, K+, pH
  • Electrolytes: K+
  • Blood: HCT/cHb, pH

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