System Information

The Proxima system uses proven sensing methods for determining analyte concentrations in patient blood samples. The Proxima sensor contains an array of biosensors on a silicon chip, each a miniaturised version of the electrochemical sensors used in a traditional blood gas analyser. Operating principles and characteristics of the individual sensor channels can be found in the technical specification below.

Proxima brochure and technical specification

Proxima Brochure for Blood Gas Analysis  Proxima brochure

Technical Specification for the Proxima Blood Gas Analyser  Proxima Technical Specification Sheet


Lab-quality results at the patient’s bedside

The system carries out the same quality control checks as a traditional blood gas analyser to ensure the validity of test results, including the facility to be challenged with liquid controls. Two levels of Quality Control are available to check the performance with a relevant frequency to detect and correct errors.

Furthermore, the Proxima design addresses common pre-analytical errors to deliver more reliable blood gas measurements. Read the full white Pre-analytical errors in blood gas measurement paper to understand how.

Direct connectivity from the patient to the LIS and EPR

The Proxima system outputs all patient sample and QC measurement results in HL7 format via an Ethernet connection for storage in electronic record systems. This ensures the seamless transfer of blood gas and electrolyte test results from Proxima into laboratory information systems (LIS) and electronic patient records (EPR).  This enables POC Coordinators to oversee results and monitor remotely the use and performance of the ex-vivo analyser and hospital staff to see all patient results easily via the Hospital Information System (HIS). For further details of export data formats, please contact Sphere Medical customer support.

In addition, third party interfaces are available for data integration into the following middleware data management applications:

- Conworx POCcelerator™

- Conworx UniPOC™

- CliniSys PoCT Solutions

Proxima and Conworx brochure Proxima-Conworx brochure