Proxima tested at Manchester Hospital

Proxima twice as fast compared to current practice

Central Manchester University Hospitals recently undertook a trial of Proxima. This trial looked at the practicality and application of the Proxima on both critical care units; documenting blood loss, time away from the bedside and accuracy against currently used bench top blood gas analysers.

Objectives of the study

The main objectives of the evaluation included:

  • Measuring blood loss using the inline analyser in comparison to normal sampling methods
  • Determining if nursing time could be saved at the bedside in comparison to normal sampling methods
  • Comparing analysed results to evaluate the accuracy of this product


The trial looked at the time away from the Patient over a 15 hour period. During this period the bench top analyser took the nurse away from the patient for 52 minutes. Compared to Proxima which didn't need any time away from the patient when testing for Arterial Blood Gas, This large differential is due to the advantage of Proxima being patient connected.

When looking at the average total time taken to collect a sample and analyse a result, Proxima also compared favourably to the bench top analyser. The average time per sample and result for the bench top analyser was nearly 7 minutes. While Proxima took less that 4 minutes to display the result, on-screen at the patient's bedside.

User comments

Staff had the following to say about Proxima following the trial.

“The clear reduction of blood loss would make a real difference to the paediatric cases” 

“Time differences between sampling was noticeably reduced, having an obvious positive effect on nursing care and efficiency”

“I am really impressed with the huge potential for this technology across several patient populations”

“Easy to use, simple interface and practical for staff undertaking samples.”

More on the study

Staff from the Central Manchester University Hospitals were at the 2017 CARE convention last week, to present a poster on the findings of this study. To read the poster and learn more about the study click on the below image.

Manchester Hospital conference poster - Blood gas analysis

Learn more about Proxima here