Improving outcomes for critically ill patients, while delivering global healthcare cost efficiencies

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We have developed the Proxima platform, which has the potential to reduce global ICU costs by over $3 billion. Proxima will set a new standard of care in ICU monitoring, for the >5 million critically ill patients seen each year in leading markets.


“The nurses are going to love something like this because they want results and they want them quick and now”

ICU Nurse  |  USA, Sphere Market Research

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About Us

Sphere Medical is a UK based medtech company currently developing a series of innovative critical care devices from its sterile, miniaturised, electrochemical sensor technology platform. The first product, Proxima, is the only patient-connected, continuous blood gas analyser offering vital clinical information quicker, more frequently, and at the bedside.


Uniquely Proxima offers real benefits to critical care patients compared to convential blood gas testing

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