Poised to disrupt the market with a proposition that offers clinical, efficiency and cost benefits to patients, staff and hospitals

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Sphere Medical

We are a medtech company based near Cambridge, UK developing exciting products from our electrochemical biosensor technology platform. We employ highly skilled and qualified chemists, engineers and technicians to develop Proxima, our first product destined for use in critical care and operating theatres.


Proxima will improve the prospects for critically ill patients while saving cost in hospital ICUs and making ICU patient care more efficient…”

Luciën van Os | CEO Sphere Medical

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Our Mission

To improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs by enabling on-demand point of care diagnostic and monitoring.

Through the application of Sphere Medical’s innovative sterile, electrochemical sensor technology, the Company will set a new standard of care for the 5 million critically ill patients each year, delivering $3bn in potential global healthcare cost efficiencies.



What we do…

Sphere Medical is developing the first in a series of products from its electrochemical biosensor sensor technology. Proxima is the only patient-connected, automated, continuous blood gas analyser for use in Critical Care and operating theatres. It will allow clinicians to run more tests, give the results quicker at the bedside with no downside for the patient and increase nursing efficiency.


It will really help the outcome of patients as you can spot trends ahead of time before becoming a full blown crisis”

ICU Nurse | USA, Sphere Market Research

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Sphere Medical Limited

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General Enquiries:
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Normal office hours: 9 am to 5.30 pm,
Monday-Friday. Calls outside these hours will be sent to a voicemail.