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Number of Shares

Sphere Medical Holding Limited has in issue 141,757,872 Ordinary Shares of nominal value £0.01 each and 179,912,380 Preferred Shares of nominal value £0.01 each.

Sphere Medical Limited as in issue 2,159,485 Ordinary Shares, 4,075,800 Convertible Preference Shares, 2,012,000 Convertible B Preferred Shares and 713,934 A Ordinary Shares.

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Circulars to shareholders:

Circular published 13 November 2018

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Shareholder Meetings:

2018 Notice of General Meeting

Proposed New Articles of Association

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Company Profile

Sphere Medical is a medical device company developing and commercialising a range of innovative monitoring and diagnostic devices designed to significantly improve patient care.

Sphere Medical's vision is to become a leading solution provider to the critical care market offering innovative, near real time, point of care diagnostic and monitoring products to enable closer control of therapeutic response and improve patient outcomes and reduce the overall cost of care.

The Company’s strategy is focused on developing the Proxima (CE marked device) platform for measuring blood gases, electrolytes and metabolites.

Proxima delivers near real time analysis of blood gases and electrolytes metabolites, at the patient’s bedside. Proxima can be used on patients across a wide therapeutic range, enabling faster clinical decision making and improved patient outcomes, whilst potentially reducing costs for healthcare payers.


We are fortunate that the Board of Sphere Medical has such a depth and breadth of commercial and industry specific expertise. The Board determines the strategic direction of the company and charts its future course.

Board of Directors
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Shareholder Dealing

The Company had hoped to establish and operate a matched bargain service to enable shareholders wishing to buy and sell Sphere Medical shares to find counterparties. We have received advice that because of MiFID II (the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) it will not be possible for the Company to operate such a service.

Advisers & Registrars

Solicitors to Sphere:
Taylor Wessing LLP,
5 New Street Square,
London EC4A 3TW

Grant Thornton UK LLP,
101 Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road,
Cambridge CB4 0FY

Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys:
Elkington & Fife,
Thavies Inn House, 3-4 Holborn Circus,
London EC1N 2HA

Equiniti, Aspect House,
Spencer Road, Lancing,
West Sussex BN99 6DA